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VPOD - Group University of Zurich

VPOD Chapter University of Zurich

VPOD (Verband des Personals öffentlicher Dienste) is Switzerland’s public-service trade union. In the Canton of Zurich, it represents about 7000 employees.

VPOD advocates shared values.

At the University of Zurich, VPOD is committed to protecting and improving working conditions for technical and administrative staff as well as for the non-professorial academic staff, thus ensuring that the University can fulfill its mission in education and research. Transparency and co-determination throughout the system of higher education are very important to us.

VPOD strives for consistent equal opportunity policies at all levels and has successfully pushed through measures for equal pay. VPOD has members from all areas of the University.

VPOD represents staff at UZH.

The chapter VPOD-UZH is not a special interest group for specific professions or ranks within the University, but a trade union committed to improving working conditions for all employees at the University – from temporary staff up to professors.

VPOD is not in competition with professional associations and organizations, such as the association of infrastructure personnel (VIP), the association of non-professorial academic staff (VAUZ), or the Privatdozent association. We collaborate with these groups where common interests are at stake.

VPOD members work as staff representatives in internal University commissions. When electing your representative, be sure that critical voices are heard.

VPOD is effective.

Thanks to VPOD, the University was forced to discontinue its earlier practice of repeatedly renewing fixed-term contracts rather than creating permanent positions. The legal proceedings resulted in a landmark decision that has led to new guidelines and improvements in standard practices.

VPOD and its members have ensured that the Canton and other public employers supply the main contribution toward the financial recovery of the state pension fund (BVK). Together with other staff associations, VPOD successfully secured stronger co-determination of insured persons at BVK, contributed to stabilizing the pension fund, and fought against excessive salaries in the administration at BVK.

VPOD and its members in the Parliament of the Canton of Zurich ensure that education is not subjected to harmful budget cuts.

VPOD members determine the course of action of their union. VPOD has a highly dedicated and active group at UZH. We greatly appreciate active participation, but it is not required.

As a member, you benefit from:

  • Collective advocacy
  • Political representation, campaigns, and initiatives
  • Network of colleagues beyond your own desk
  • Conferences, events
  • Advice and legal assistance in professional and social security matters
  • Adult education courses and seminars
  • Discounts on journals
  • Favorable offers for joining collective health insurance and legal expenses insurance


Call us if you have a problem at work or if you have questions about our union. We will connect you with the responsible regional secretary or will set up an appointment with you.

You’ll find our regional secretary...

… in the Haus zum Korn, opposite Bahnhof Wiedikon (tram lines 9 and 14, S-Bahn):

VPOD Zurich
Regionalsekretariat, 4th floor
Birmensdorferstrasse 67
Postfach 8180
8036 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 295 30 00

Contact VPOD Chapter University of Zurich:

Hans Rudolf Schelling
President VPOD University of Zurich

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